Anatomy-Seiden-Feb 8, Anatomy-Seiden-Feb 9, Anatomy-Seiden-Feb 10, Anatomy-Seiden-Feb 11, Behavioral Science. Behavioral Science-Mayo-Feb 24, Behavioral Science-Mayo-Feb 25, Behavioral Science-Mayo-Feb 26, Behavioral Science-Mayo-Feb 27, Behavioral Science-Mayo-March 16, Epidemiology-Faselis-Jan 30, Epidemiology-Faselis-Jan 31, Immunology-Moscatello-Jan 27, Immunology-Moscatello-Jan 28, Immunology-Moscatello-Jan 29, Microbiology-Moscatello-Feb 16, Microbiology-Moscatello-Feb 17, Microbiology-Moscatello-Feb 18, Microbiology-Moscatello-Feb 20, Microbiology-Moscatello-Feb 21, Microbiology-Moscatello-March 25, Anatomy Neuroscience -White-Jan 20, Anatomy Neuroscience -White-Jan 21, Anatomy Neuroscience -White-Jan 22, The Best Review….

For over 40 years, Kaplan Medical has been dedicated to helping aspiring doctors prepare for and pass their medical licensing exams. We are proud to offer the most innovative study tools available on the market and our dedicated staff of expert advisors and faculty ensures that doctors and medical students receive the guidance and support they need. Hope theses will be helpful.

Keep learning and must read our more posts. We, eduwaves We simply offer the hyperlink already to be had on the internet. If any manner it violates the law or has any troubles, then kindly mail us: eduwaves gmail. Thank you. Valuable info. I bookmarked it. I do agree with all the ideas you have presented in your post. Still, the posts are very short for beginners.

Could you please extend them a little from next time?

Kaplan – Step 1 Video Lectures | USMLE | Complete Series | 50GBs Free Download |

Thanks for the post. Hey there! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the excellent work! Feel free to surf to my blog :: StefanyCHaaz. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Anatomy 1. Physiology 1. Pathology 1. Pharmacology 1. First Year Nurse — The book for Nurses. As a Newbie, I am always browsing online for articles that can help me.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.PART 1. Chapter 1. Topic 1. Molecular Biology Part I 8. Topic 2. Molecular Biology Part II 4. Topic 3. Medical Genetics 5.

Topic 4. Genetic Diseases 5. Topic 5. Signal Transduction Systems, Vitamins 2. Topic 6. Overview of Metabolism 9. Topic 7. Lipid Metabolism 7. Topic 8. Amino Acid Metabolism 4. Topic 9. Purines and Pyrimidines 3. Biochemistry Course Pack. Chapter 2. Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics 2. Sympathetic and Parasympathetic 4. Toxicology and Adverse Effects of Medications 6. Pharmacology Course Pack. Chapter 3.

Immunology Hematology Oncology. Blood Cells and Lymphoid Structures 2. T-cell and B-cell Function 3. Immune Hypersensitivity 3.

Kaplan USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes 2020 PDF: 7-Book Set PDF Download

Immunodeficiency and Organ Transplant 5. Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma 2.

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Leukemia and Myeloproliferative Disorders 4. DNA Replication and Repair 2. Antineoplastic and Antimetabolite Drugs 1. Nonhemolytic Anemia and Porphyria 6. Topic A Med School survivor. Made it through terrible tests, fatal exams, dreadful vivas, clueless OSCEs and currently surviving hospital rotations. Brain function drops to 0. I am the real deal, "Z A" was just a placeholder. Thank you so much but I can not see pharmacology. When I click it, pathology opens. Can you share pharmacology if you have?

Dude, great job you have been doing and helping a lot of students, including students from Brazil. Please continue to download Osmosis videos such as Pulmonology and the Sketchy link is not showing. Furthermore, the sketchy link has been fixed.

(FREE) KAPLAN USMLE Prep Step 1 2010

First of all I would like to thank you, you are the greatest person I have ever seen. May god grant you the highest rank in the world and Akhera. I would like to ask if you can upload osmosis flash cards it would be very cooperative and I also have another sincere rquest if you like it, please upload the clinical videos of Dr.

Najib if you can. JazakAllah Brother, I really feel grateful after reading your comment and I wish the same for you. Flashcards would be made available as soon as I get them, I am also planning to collect Osmosis Notes. In the meantime, keep checking this site and help promote by liking Facebook page and reviewing,rating and sharing it. Man, congratulations on your work, you are helping a lot of people, including here in Brazil. It is the only site that has shared so many quality materials!

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Congratulations and good work! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Saito A Med School survivor. Any secret site.

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Thanks Reply. JazakAllah Reply. What do you think?Unlike other exams, the USMLE comprehensively tests how well you can apply your skills, knowledge, and attitudes to real life, patient-centered scenarios.

Frequently taken at the end of second year, Step 1 is a one-day computer exam that emphasizes anatomy, behavioral science, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, and physiology. This multiple-choice exam tests medical knowledge and the essential clinical science required for patient care. A 2-day computerized exam, Step 3 focuses primarily on patient management, assessing your ability to evaluate history and physical exam information, order diagnostic tests, select initial therapies, and more.

Step 1 Frequently taken at the end of second year, Step 1 is a one-day computer exam that emphasizes anatomy, behavioral science, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, and physiology. Step 2 CK This multiple-choice exam tests medical knowledge and the essential clinical science required for patient care.

Step 3 A 2-day computerized exam, Step 3 focuses primarily on patient management, assessing your ability to evaluate history and physical exam information, order diagnostic tests, select initial therapies, and more.Test Prep Insight is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Not many aspiring doctors want to take a lot of risk when it comes to prepping for the USMLE given the high stakes nature of the exam.

But does a track record of success necessarily mean this course is the best option for you, especially when less expensive alternatives exist? There is also an instructor led, live on-site class offered in New York, but given the much greater popularity of the On Demand and Live Online classes, this review will focus on those course options. It is a complete self-study course and you can log in from anywhere, at any time.

This package includes access to video lessons, Qbank practice questions, answer explanations, print and e-books, and full-length simulated exams. The number of practice questions and lecture hours generally vary with each step of the exam, but all of these features are included within each package to one extent or another.

If you want specific numbers, check out our handy table at the top of this review for the details.

kaplan step 1

In looking at how these prices stack up against other USMLE prep providers, these costs are on the high side as far as on demand, self-study packages go.

If you are on a budget, you will be able to find cheaper prices for courses, such as the Lecturio on demand package. The Live Online courses generally offer the same features and materials as the On Demand packages, but include the all-important live class component.

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However, each of these packages comes with some crazy levels of live class work. This is a ton of instruction time with top rated faculty, thus justifying the cost. It is clear from the moment you log in to your Kaplan account that you will not need to hunt for work to do or wonder what to study next.

Kaplan offers one of the most tried and tested USMLE prep curriculums in the space, and all of your work is set out right in front of you, to be tackled step-by-step.

The study plan they provide is clear as dayand walks you through everything you need to study in the right order. The course starts with a quick series of intro videos and a diagnostic exam.

The videos basically just welcome you to the course, explain how whichever step of the USMLE you are on works, gives a few test strategies, and so on. Fairly basic and straightforward stuff. You then take a diagnostic test, which is shorter than a real exam and sets your baseline knowledge, as well as identifies your weaknesses. From there, you dive right into the lesson work. The coursework is generally organized by USMLE topic such as anatomy, pathology and immunology, among others, for Step 1.

Then within each topic, there are several subtopics such as neuroscience under the primary anatomy subject. You get the idea. These subtopics form the basis of your study modules, and generally follow a repeated pattern. These are usually just 5 question quizzes, and I found them to go pretty fast.

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The questions are simpler than exam-like questions and some even have upwards of 8 multiple-choice answers to choose from, so they are clearly not replications of exam questions. Once you wrap up your warmup exercise, you dive right into a series of video lessons and quizzes. The video lessons each cover even more narrow subject matter, and generally range in length from just a few minutes to upwards of an hour. The lengths of these video lectures are all over the map and just depend on the topic.

But no matter how long the particular video lesson is, they are all extremely informative.In this article, Daniel reflects on his journey that will take him to a top dermatology residency in the midwest. Disclaimer: I tutored Daniel from early in his first year of medical school, and he was part of the Yousmle Online Course. He gives his advice on not only how to score well on Step 1, but also how it fits in your overall medical training.

Unlike other top scorers, he also shares his missteps along the way, so you can build on his success. I scored on Step 1, despite having less dedicated time than most students.

We had only about 1. Plus, my goal was always to match into dermatology. I ultimately matched into a top dermatology residency, without taking extra time.

Thus, to get a high Step 1 score, I needed to be efficient, both before and during dedicated studying. Here are some pieces of practical advice for preparing and taking Step 1.

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Take it with a grain of salt and take away the bits and pieces that resonate with you. Many students told me that Step 1 was nothing like clerkships. In fact, the keys to success for Step 1 and clerkships are the same:. These are the comments that residents and attendings put in positive clerkship evals.

Preparing well for Step 1 sets you up for clerkship success. Most high scorers I know agree: you have to master the material. To master material efficiently, find one or two people who you can teach concepts to and who can teach you. If you can teach something, you will have mastered it. First off, have Anki open as you review QBank questions. Same thing goes for full second passes of a QBank — this is useless.

Save these Anki cards to review during your dedicated study period. You will have forgotten the answer to most of these questions by then, a few months after the fact. Start Kaplan at the beginning of winter break before boards. Do 40 questions a day on weekdays and 80 a day on weekends.

You should finish around mid-February. Sometimes, this is around the time that your school may administer their NBME exam. Kaplan will teach you many of the little distinctions that are tough. Basically, anything that has a table in First Aid.

kaplan step 1

You will finish by the beginning or early into dedicated study period. At that point, start reviewing your Anki cards and give First Aid a read over once. As it did with many friends and me. At this point, I felt good on question interpretation. I did the majority of the medium and hard questions and during this time saw my NBME score flatten out and then drop.

They went up when I stopped. Many of the questions I was missing were due to misinterpretation. In other words, I knew the facts well, yet was still getting items wrong. I quit Rx. Instead, I worked exclusively on question interpretation for the last few weeks. I saw my NBME scores return back to normal. There are many things I wish I had done differently in my preparation.